Move In Day

Now with the Lundby roombox done (I haven’t figured out a name yet…BK and I are still doing rock-paper-scissors-Spock to determine who gets naming rights), it’s as my mother and sister love to call “funsies time”. AKA decorating time.

Thought maybe this might provide some (hopefully) giggles from my readers (seriously, thanks for your patience not going after me for being absent putting a decapitated horsehead on my bed) …figured a scene for a not so fun time in our lives would be in order. Also known as moving day.

Holy crap, the %$@* just happened here?

Holy crap, the %$@* just happened here?

Will have to admit, moving doesn’t bother me so much. Mostly because I seem to have a weird fondness for cardboard boxes, the smell of storage units (is there a candle scent for it? No?) and the rustle of tissue/packing paper.  Though I definitely don’t like driving a moving truck (BK doesn’t mind it thank goodness. Again, another reason why I married the man).

Of course, for every move…you gotta have moving boxes. I didn’t have any, and at the time I decided my scene needed said item (at around 1:00 am Sunday morning), I was determined to make some. After all, I had a pile of shipping boxes stacked by the recycling bin. So why not wing it?

I didn’t take pics of how I did it, but I did chicken scratched scribble down some notes. This was what I was able to read from my handwriting.

  1. If using actual cardboard from shipping boxes, use the flaps (that make the bottom/top of the box). They’re thinner and easier to work with.
  2. Use a sharp blade. Box cutter is deal, but larger X-Acto knives are easier.
  3. Score lightly on areas you need to fold. Makes it easier/folds look neater.
  4. Pay attention to scale. No one ever uses a moving box that’s 50% of their height. (yes, I wrote this apparently. Stupid insomnia)
  5. Use actual packing tape. It’ll hold the cardboard together during assembly. Cut into thin strips so it looks believable/to scale.

In terms of a pattern, it was roughly like this. Basically, I stuck to the general rule that the top/bottom flaps of your box should be 50% of your overall box dimension. So for example, if you’re assembling a 1-inch square box, then the flaps should be about 1/2 inch.

Moving box pattern.

Moving box pattern.

Once I got the hang of the pattern, it was actually pretty fast and easy. And so long as I stuck to the ratio, I was able to assemble good number of 1 inch square and 1.5 inch square moving boxes (a reasonable size for 1:18 scale). Most of the boxes I sealed shut with tape, but the ones I left open I filled with crumbled bits of tissue paper and kraft colored origami paper to simulate packing paper…or the crumpled up remains of it.

View of the chaos.

View of the chaos.


BK suggested rolling up the rug and stacking it somewhere. I took the rug I’m planning to use, wrapped it tightly around a pen before tying the ends with some snipped up rubber bands.

The “plastic sheeting” around the credenza is actually from those plastic bags you use to hold produce at the grocery store. I had to cut out the back part (that didn’t have the store’s logo on it), and wrapped it around the furniture. Not bad right? And the big box I created to house some square wood frames.


View of the wrapped credenza using plastic grocery produce bags. Framed artwork a gift from Monsiuer Z, Mme KP and Mlle Luna from 3StarStudioArts. Thank you all for it – I LOVE IT!!

And of course, moving day won’t be complete without some groceries…didn’t have time to create 1/18 scale groceries, so made do with the ones that came with the Lundby kitchen set...



Well, I’d better beat feet before the new occupants come back. I’m guessing they went out for some pizza and beer to celebrate. Or steel themselves in cleaning up this hot mess…

Making Strides – Then an ARGH! Moment

Saturday was…a productive day of sorts. Mostly because I was either trying to finish things before the snow…or during. Will back up a bit to explain.

The local news reported that for today, the Washington DC metro area was going to be hit with snow. The original report said snow would appear in the afternoon, then switch to a freezing rain/wintry mix of sorts. Given how batshit crazy the drivers around here tend to behave at the presence of ANY precipitation on the roads, I knew whatever errands needed to be done….it had to be completed before the snow struck.

So early Saturday morning, BK and I loaded my car with the last of my miniature stash and made our way south to where the storage facility was located. We had started to rent a storage unit this past January to help with the storage issue at the house. Though given the picture below, most of the storage unit is being occupied with my apparently large miniature collection.

Holy moly - talk about alot!

Holy moly – talk about alot!

I ended up moving almost all of my bins o’ crap  (that were originally stored in the master half bath) and my dollhouse kits (all of which I managed to store under the bed — on my side of course) into storage. BK managed to find a cheap IKEA table on Craigslist and placed it in the storage room so I can have a designated area to place the ones assembled. Yes, the vintage Lundy stockholm, the Sedona, and my old Winston Cottage are now in storage. Even the CC I had to make the difficult choice of moving. At least until I can finish the other stuff. Like cutting up more bricks (insert groans of agony here).

The good news though is that as of this morning – I had officially moved what I needed to move into storage. The only mini things left in the house…are seriously the ones I have to finish. The ARC III was an exception — that’s considered part of the dining room decor, so that’ll never leave the house. Which is good — given I’m so ridiculously proud of it. 😀

After the storage run was completed, we took a detour at our local IKEA before we really hustled back home. At this point, the snow started to fall…and honestly, the drive home was a little bit hairy, given that even the major highways weren’t fully treated at this point. Luckily, by the time we got home and settled in, the snow was falling fast and hard.

Once we were fully settled in (and BK made us some hot cocoa to enjoy), I padded over to the dining room and hunkered down. To at least start on what will soon be Copeland the Wonder Piano’s new residence.

No, this isn't a breadbox...

No, this isn’t a breadbox…

While this appears at first glance like a breadbox, it’s actually a corner roombox I purchased from eBay awhile back. I had forgotten about it until I started pulling my supplies out to be stored in plastic bins. It was a good size…and it gave me an idea on how I wanted to display Copeland.

For starters, I applied a thin layer of paint on the interior walls/floor. Then sanded it down once everything dried to create a smooth finish.


After the walls were sanded and wiped down with tack cloth (crud, I’ll need to get more once the snow clears), I started to install flooring. As usual, I pulled out my wood edge veneer bands. Though instead of picking one veneer and installing them as planks…thought I’d try something different. I put the walnut bands (from the ARC II) as a border, then installed the sapele bands (the ones I used in the ARC III). The wood was then sanded and wiped clean before a thick smear of beeswax polish was applied.

The floors installed and sanded and wiped clean.

The floors installed and sanded and wiped clean.

The floor after it got waxed.

The floor after it got waxed. Sorry for the fuzzy pics.

With the flooring done, I started on the walls. Because the roombox was relatively small  (and because majority of my wallpapers are in storage), I ended up using scrapbook paper. Not sure why, but I wanted the display to have a bit of a nautical/vintage vibe to it.

Sea Creatures Paper – Ahoy There – Carta Bella
Image from A Cherry on Top site.

Wallpaper isn’t my strong suit (along with most things), but I try to follow some basic rules. For starters, when measuring the size needed to paper the rear wall, I always add an extra 1/2 inch to the overall length. Once the paper is cut, I measure a 1/4 inch border on the left & right side paper and fold it. Basically make the flaps to extend past where the rear and side walls meet. That way, the seam between the walls doesn’t look too obvious.

Cutting the paper to fit the rear wall.

Cutting the paper to fit the rear wall.

Once the rear wall is installed, the side papers were applied. Because the walls were curved, I just measured and cut two 8.5 x 8.5 inch squares and pasted them directly to the wall. Then I cut along the curve of the walls using a sharp X-Acto knife.


The side walls cut to size. Not bad!

Unfortunately, I realized I made a mistake once the walls were installed. It occured to me that I should have done the exterior first. Cad-nabbit!!!! <starts to curse profusely and wave her arms in the air> Ugh, and I was in a groove and stuff! <curses some more>

Then came mistake #2: I guess in my panic about not doing the exterior first….I started to install egg carton bricks. Oh sweet lordie, what the heck is wrong is me??? What other fudge up am I gonna do next???

What the hell???

What the hell???

I decided before further hell breaks loose, I’d only do about 9 rows of bricks on each side, then maybe paint the rest of the sides and install some wood trim. Ugh, am so darn mad at myself! For now though, I need to paint the bricks, seal, let it dry, then spray the surfaces with Lyson before the mortar can be installed later tonight. <sigh>

Ugh. Note to self: do only the mortar tonight. And then bed. Starting to turn into a Cranky McCrankster. 😦



Meanwhile…Weird Nostalgia

I’m not going to lie to you folks. Being stuck in bed sick…actually sucks.

BK was right in guesstimating that I have some kind of flu bug. Getting the tell-tale aches and pains, the fever and chills. It totally, utterly, completely sucks. While I initially enjoyed sleeping in a bit (versus getting up at 5 am every day to get ready for work)…it got old fast. Luckily, BK put a pile of books on my nightstand, some bottles of water to go with medication, a sleeve of crackers….and my laptop before he left for work. Talk about best nurse ever.

That was until he sent me a message from the office. Well, more like a directive.


Hope you’ll feel better soon. Take your meds, stay hydrated, and munch on the crackers if you’re slightly hungry. You need to eat.

Also, I want you to stay in bed and rest. You can go downstairs to watch some TV or make your ramen if you want. But no working on the minis.  I know, I’m a stinker for saying that. Just want you to rest.

My brain did do a mental pout, but BK was right. The aches and pains will make it a little hard for me focus on the minis. Especially the next project now that the ARC III is done (still doing decorations, but the main work is officially done).

Then again, not sure if the flu’s making me somewhat loopy, but…I kinda found myself thinking back to my past. Bear with me though – it does end up being connected to the new project.

About 8 years ago, I had been dating a guy for almost 3 years. We moved in together, practically ran a household together….I seriously thought, in my (retrospect) naive self, this was the guy I was gonna end up marrying. He was nice, smart, and definitely hit my wish list at the time of what I found physically attractive in a dude (tall, dark, and handsome). But just as I thought things were going in that direction….he suddenly announced over dinner that he and I needed to live separately. Suffice to say, things went extremely downhill after that. I later found out he was seeing someone behind my back….that he referred to me as just a “female roommate that’s moving out”. And later on, after I finally had the strength to confront him, admitted that he just didn’t see me attractive anymore. It literally felt like the world exploded, then got sucked back in to the point it imploded.

When I finally moved out, I stayed at my sister’s place. In my haze of trying to keep myself together at all costs, I made the crazy choice of buying a place – a tiny studio apartment in the relatively expensive area of North Bethesda, MD. My friends I could tell were shocked at the decision, but they supported me, and in their way, tried to keep me busy by visiting me. I threw myself — and my savings — to renovating the studio while I worked longer hours at the office. I guess in a way, I wanted to focus on something else other than trying to fix the hurt.

It wasn’t until my best friend MC came over one night, and (ever being the movie nut), commented that “you’re doing exactly what Frances did in that movie, Under the Tuscan Sun.”

I actually have that movie, as it was one of my favorites flicks to watch. So we pulled it out, and watched. And by the time the credits rolled, I was sobbing uncontrollably. At that point, I knew I couldn’t hide from it anymore. And that I needed to move on.

In a weird sort of way, things started to perk up after that movie. I started to sleep in my new place, and actually rested fitfully. I started thinking less of my ex (and was actually distant when I returned the last of his items). My studio became more and more like the home I wanted to return to after work. I continued making improvements of the studio. Though it was my uncles who helped me, not “…the muscular descendants of Roman gods.” Ah well.

And after allowing myself to lose a bet, my friends pushed me to try meeting someone online….and I met BK. Soon, what started as a nervous Friday night dinner turned to a July 4th holiday weekend together…to him and I practically taking turns staying at each other’s studio apartment. Until he suggested two years later that perhaps we should get a place together. At this point, he was practically living with me in my tiny retreat…and we needed more space for ourselves and for our pet rats.

I did end up selling my studio…and we were both teary eyed about it. Think for the both of us, the place helped BK and I meet and cement our relationship. It gave us a place to help me mend and become the person I turned out to be. And for BK, who moved from his home state to DC for work…it gave him a chance to establish roots.  In weird sort of way, it was just like indeed like the movie. The place helped us find the happiness we were looking for, but in unexpected ways.

Then it hit me…maybe for the new project, I should build a such a retreat. Not an Italian villa (they’re not really to my taste actually)…but perhaps a cozy cottage where a recently single, brokenhearted soul is trying to start fresh.

For starters….it’s definitely going to be a different scale. Half scale (1/24) that is. And am using this as my base.

JJ’s Cottage from Real Good Toys.
All rights reserved.

Instead of using the base and foundation sides, I might see about getting an MDF base cut out. If you look at the image above, the parts create what looks like could be either a front porch — or a somewhat narrow base at the front of the house. Not sure if I’m feeling that though. Maybe it was from the landscape work at the ARC III, but I want more space at the front to set up a garden. With a patio, bushes….maybe flowers….and definitely a tree or two.

I started to search around for images to help me flesh out features. Then I recalled BK discovering this website called when he was searching for historical homes for sale. The listings here are amazing — definitely worth checking out if you need some ideas. Or dream.

And from this site…I saw this house and knew this was going to be my muse.

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods  Photo from All rights reserved.

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods
Photo from All rights reserved.

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods-2

Gingerbread Cottage in the Woods
Photo from All rights reserved.

I’m hoping to give the exterior a shabby, quaint feel…as if the house too is being renewed as its new occupant.

For the interior, a sample of the pieces in use (I can’t wait to use the bed and the pieces assigned to it). I definitely want wallpaper, but on the fence about going for something shabby chic, or stick to more modern/neutral patterns. I definitely see the new owner as someone from the nearby big city, but who’s also experimenting on some new tastes….

Bed, table and credenza are part of the Butterfly House furnishing set from 3StarStudioArts. Couch was an eBay purchase.

Bed, table and credenza are part of the Butterfly House furnishing set from 3StarStudioArts. Couch was an eBay purchase.

Just another angle. Sorry for the use of flash.

Just another angle. Sorry for the use of flash.

As for who will be lucky occupant of this place (calling it “The Retreat” for now. Yeah, I know, talk about creative huh)? We’ll have to wait and see. Well, I’ll have to wait and see, given it’s coming from overseas. Stayed tuned.

In the meantime…I think I’m gonna play “Under the Tuscan Sun” on my laptop to help me get sleepy. Methinks someone is due for a nap. <yawn>

Sharing the Wealth

There are many (as in many^infinity) things I love about the miniature hobby. Among them are how fellow miniature bloggers are willing to “share the wealth”.  Not just tutorials, but also a chance to show their loot to the admiration and cheers of those who follow their blogs. For this entry, it’s gonna be one of those “share the wealth” posts. But also a warm shout out of appreciation to one of my favorite online mini shops.

Ever since I bought the ARC, the ever talented folks at 3StarStudio have been awesome. Not only have Monsieur Z, Mme KP, and Mlle. Luna generate awesome dollhouses (I will get you soon Reversible Dollhouse!), but they’ve been so helpful. Especially after some douchebag took my ARC I during a party at my house. They were responsive and have to say, included the funniest notes when they shipped the ARC II to me to resume my project. Just the fact they’re so proud of their work and are willing to share their love for miniatures. I dunno, just find that to be awesome.

Of course, the minute BK got me the ARC III as a Christmas gift, I rushed to the 3StarStudio shop to purchase a few things for said house. When I told them that BK bought the kit from them, they threw out a suggestion for me to try on the ARC. I was totally game with it, so they told me they’ll add it along to my order.

When the package arrived (as it was amongst the pile of loot I picked up from the post office), not only did I received what I purchased below:

The BUTTERFLY Furniture Set in 1:12 scale – Baltic Birch Plywood
Photo from 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. All Rights Reserved.

But also this:

The Butterfly Dollhouse Furniture Set: Solid Walnut
Photo from 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. All Rights Reserved.

Mme KP and Monsieur Z offered for me to try out the above set on the ARC III. From their experience (am guessing seeing Mlle. Luna play with them), even though this set is 1/24 scale, it apparently works very well on on the ARC’s 1:16 scale setting. I was seriously stunned that they gave this to me to play with. The set is seriously adorable — and it doesn’t hurt that the walnut wood used looks amazing when waxed and polished.

Suffice to say, I assembled the chairs, a table, and two of the smaller tables for Cilla to enjoy. And they were right — it looks great! I mean, you all know I go absolutely ga-ga over anything mid-century when it comes to miniatures!

Cilla modeling some pieces from the Butterfly Walnut Furniture set.
Set created by 3StartStudioArts’ Etsy shop. Plants were purchased from SueBees Miniatures on eBay. Cilla is a U-Woman figure kit from Mr. Props shop on

For the ARC III, am definitely going to use the chairs, one of the big tables, two of the side tables and one of the credenzas/sideboards. For the rest of the pieces – they are going to be showcased in my next project after the ARC III.  Let’s just say I found a couple of things that prompted me to delve into the 1/24 scale….

JJ’s Dollhouse Cottage in 1/24 Scale
From the Real Good Toys website. All Rights Reserved.

If the walnut furniture set wasn’t enough, Monsieur Z and Mme KP included the following in my package too.

Everyone, meet Copeland

Everyone, meet Copeland


I’m not sure where this piece was acquired, but it’s definitely made by an artisan based on the signature and number underneath the body/case. But it’s definitely a beautiful piece. Granted, when I got it in the mail, one of its legs and the part where the foot pedals are located was broken off. And the hinges holding the top part of the piano was loose. But still…I fell in love with it.

Monsieur Z and Mme KP included a note with this piano (whom I’ve named Copeland. Don’t ask me why, but the name came to mind) saying that Mlle Luna wasn’t ready to handle delicate pieces like this one. And that if I didn’t have a space for this piece, that I’m to pass it forward.

Oh don’t you worry you guys. Copeland’s found a home here with me. See? I even managed to fix it. All thanks to some tacky glue, a few clamps, and make shift riggings using rubber bands. Just have to hunt for a piano bench.

I was initially thinking BK’s 1:12 counterpart Bryan would be commandering this instrument (as BK actually plays the piano. Though he hasn’t been keeping up in playing some pieces for me after dinner *cough, cough*). But my gut’s telling me someone amongst my miniature dolls wants dibs on Copeland….

Food for Thought (Hopefully First of Many)

While I will do my best to write entries that will amuse those who read my blog….Mme. Pepper of MitchyMooMiniatures wrote a very interesting entry recently. And it definitely got me thinking – not just about the miniature hobby in general. In a way, it brought up the question of just what is proper etiquette when it comes to blogging about miniatures.

In her blog entry “Copyright”, Mme Pepper wrote (imho) a very clear, succint entry about copyright in miniature blog entries. As she clearly pointed out, most of us want in our settings, essentially smaller scale versions of real-life items. And from that perspective, to have that said “piece” usually means one of two options. You either look for it to purchase. Or, you attempt to replicate it.

Now when it comes to replicating, some of us have that rare talent of just being able to wing it, make something, and it’s a masterpiece. Others (like myself) tend to check other miniature blogs for references or inspiration, or if we’re lucky, tutorials of how to make said replication. For those of us who go that route — we strive to follow such tutorials to the word and create what the instructions told us. Or we use those tutorials as a guide, and perhaps come across a better method that improves on the final product.

That last part is what intrigues me. If you wrote a tutorial, posted it online, and found out someone found a way to improve your steps to produce a better product — how would you react? If you ask me, I’d be freakin’ thrilled. Because it told me that what I wrote up, and posted (for the purpose of sharing. Because that’s what the bloody Interwebs is for right?) worked for someone else. If that someone else credited me for providing the initial layout? That would be nice -an icing to an already delicious cake known as victory.

But I honestly don’t expect folks to do that last part. Why do you ask? Because even with all the hullabaloo about copyright/infrigement/intellectual property laws – especially when it comes to online stuff — the bottom line is this (again, imho):

You post it online – you are essentially sharing it with everyone else.

There. I bloody said it. I mean, think about it. Isn’t that the point of people being online nowadays? Well, at least initially when the Interwebs was introduced. You want to share ideas, connect with folks you probably wouldn’t be able to do in person, or in your lifetime. At least that’s partly why I write what I can for this blog.  Because I want to share my love for the hobby with everyone. And whatever knowledge I have decided to impart by posting them online. Because again, I want to share what I know, and hopefully….someone will come along, see what I’ve accomplished, and go “huh, this looks interesting. let me try it out.”

It really saddened me to read what Mme. Pepper had to write about. To see that there a few folks within the miniature community who would be willing to kick down a fellow miniaturist mostly on the basis that “hey, you stole my idea. I’m going to sue your ass.” Again, repeat statement in italics.

You post it online – you are essentially sharing it with everyone else.

Have I copied things from other miniaturists you might ask? I’m sure I did. And if I did, I do try to make it a point to credit them out of respect. Respect that they decided to put it online for folks to see and read and admire. And — I’d like to assume — to inspire the rest of us to try it out and see where our own creativity will take us. Plus, I like to apply credit where it’s due — because I want others to see these sources of inspiration. Because let’s face it folks — this hobby is not cheap. And I’m sure alot of miniaturist will agree – that sometimes we look to our fellow miniature enthusiast for inspiration and guidance on how to make things we’d like to have for our settings, but simply cannot afford.

If you haven’t read it, I truly suggest reading Mme. Pepper’s post. It really does make you wonder. And at least for me, it definitely makes me look differently at miniature blogs now.

Things That Make You Go Hmm…

After the last post, I finally went to bed around 2 am. Only to be woken up by my 13-year old dog panting at my face because she needed her potty run. At 6:00 am. Also known in her puppy brain  as “Mommy, take me out NOW. Or I’ll crap on the bedroom carpet again like last time”. Given I’m still reeling from the carpet cleaning bill from that particular episode, I stood outside shivering in my robe and PJs until said canine did her business.

Once that was done (and she made a beeline back to the bedroom to sleep by her dad. Little brat), decided to just stay up and start my weekend. By checking out all the mini related posts from my usual haunts. One Twitter post from Modern Mini caught my eye.

IKEA PS 2014 Storage Cabinet (taken from the IKEA USA site)

How neat is this? Yeah, it’s actually an IKEA wall storage cabinet (actually it’s a component where you can assemble your own storage modules), but the bamboo surface kinda makes it look like an awesome wall texture for a mini scene right?? And for $34 – heck yeah! Can definitely see someone installing these on a wall and setting up displays that way! For some reason, I can see this being set up as a very chic lounge, or maybe a boutique shop….or one of those Pinkberry yogurt branches that apparently keeps popping up in my area (which is great and all. But I want a good old fashioned ice cream shop dammit! I need my dosage of mint chocolate chip on a waffle cone this summer!!!!)

Unfortunately, when I tried to check on its availability — according to the IKEA site, it says it’s out of stock. Which means either a) the stores are out of it or b) it’s brand new, the stores don’t carry it, and I have to order them online. Double darn it. Guess I’ll have to wait. 😦

Okay, I Seriously Need to Sleep…

There are many things that I love about this weekend, being Memorial Day:

a) a chance to honor our veterans – both living and deceased
b) it (to me at least) marks the beginning of summerc) getting an extra day (or two) off to relax
d) time to spend with BK, friends, family….and our pets
e) chance to work on minis – duh

And last, but not least:

f) time to score big deals during Memorial Day sales

I’m not kidding about the last part. My father used to tell me growing up that if I ever needed to buy electronics — like a new TV, or an appliance — the best time to get them was during Memorial Day. Or President’s Day, depending on when said product/appliance decided to roll over and die.

Apparently the sales also apply to miniatures as well. Since this past Monday, I’ve been getting a TON of emails from online shops about their upcoming sales. Which I guess is great given that I’ve paid off all my credit cards save one (guess the perks of a job promotion – a little more take home $$$).

Coupled with my insomnia due to weeks of working late into the night (thanks alot, projects)…let’s just say I’ve started doing my online shopping during these moments. And apparently, I’ve procured the following.

From — purchased some brackets and a kitchen faucet to use for the CC, while I purchased some mini bushes to apply for the ARC II/Archie.

From left to right: Bradford brackets, "Squeeze Me" evergreen bushes, and the Highlands faucet set. From

From left to right: Bradford brackets, “Squeeze Me” evergreen bushes, and the Highlands faucet set. From

From – I had originally thought of getting the Stratford Bakery as a future project. But after seeing the bizarre price on its detail page ($776.25 USD???), I found out from its customer service that the item is actually out of stock. Would have to wait until end of June to try again. 😦

The Stratford Bakery kit. From (

Then again, I did purchase a couple of mini items that were on sale…

Top row: Vert French Toile wallpeper, shower base, shower head Second Row: modern side table, plastic railing, vessel sink with tap. From

Top row: Vert French Toile wallpeper, shower base, shower head
Second Row: modern side table, plastic railing, vessel sink with tap. From

I also received an email from M. Bill – I had purchased some pieces from him via eBay. He does AMAZING hand carved furniture – definitely check out his eBay listing often. Considering he carves and hand stains each piece — it’s worth every penny. Am hoping I’ll be able to furnish a house exclusively with this creations (or at the very least, BK’s and my 1:12 counterparts will be using his pieces for their future home).

Anyways, he sent me a message letting him know that he finished some pieces that match the other furniture I’ve purchased from him in the past (in the same walnut finish). Was I gonna pass this up after seeing this image — aw heck no!

Carlisle wardrobe and matching nightstand. All mine!!

Carlisle wardrobe and matching nightstand. All mine!!

My last purchase (for the night at least) was really a splurge. I really didn’t need this, but something about it screamed possibilities. Behold the Larimer Shop by Rocky Mountain Wood Crafts.

The Larimer Shop Kit. Photo from Rocky Mountain Woodcrafts (

It’s essentially a 2 room, front-opening shop. The door and windows are included with the kit, but besides those two components, it’s a kit waiting to be customized. I thought of making it into a Tudor style cottage, but got the impression that it should be a shop of some kind. Maybe a bookstore/coffee house on the bottom floor, and a studio apartment at top? Guess will see once it arrives. 😀

Okay, I seriously need to go bed. Otherwise, I might end up buying a store somewhere without realizing it!
(invoking need for a virtual slap from the readers if that happens!)